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Lindsay Lohan is better than you

Princess Lindsay
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we have class and you don't
Hi and welcome to the first active all about lindsay comm!

Here at ontd_lilo, we update with the latest news regarding Lindsay Lohan and
her career. You'll be surrounded by positivity and love for our queen during these hard times.

Don't Join Us If:

1. You have a Hilary Duff or Emma Stone icon.
2. You have an unflattering icon of Lindsay Lohan.
3. You think anyone is better than Lindsay Lohan (including yourself)
4. You weigh more than Lindsay Lohan.
5. We don't like you
6. Suggest trolling any comms
7. You didn't enjoy I know who killed me.
8. You don't own a Lindsay Lohan movie on dvd/blue ray/vhs/ etc
9. You don't own a copy of Speak.
10. You plan on using us to get into ONTD, it's not worth it imo


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